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1.67 FT-28 Now Available in ultraSuN®

Premium Semi-Finished Clear, Photo, and Extra Photo

First ever 1.67 FT-28 semi- finished now available in ultraSuN® extra photo! Vision Dynamic’s photochromics provide the advanced performance you want in the materials you need to complete your multifocal product line.

ultraSuN® is sunglass dark when activated with exceptional high temperature performance. With a slight resting tint indoors, it is ideal for those with light sensitivity or an active outdoor lifestyle.

sunSMART® photochromics with enhanced color performance, high-temperature stability, and enduring color consistency.

Also available in CLEAR, our 1.67 high index multifocals compliment traditional and digital surfacing lines.

Photochromics developed and materials blended in the USA.

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