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Vision Dynamics Lab Products

Vision Dynamics is committed to accurate lens production and timely turnaround. Our lab team has more than 150 years of combined optical experience and is considered to be the most highly skilled in the region. Superior products and customer support are top priorities of our team.

glass lenses

Glass Lenses

The Glass Lens Specialists

Let Vision Dynamics be your outsourced glass lab of choice. Our focus on high-volume digital and traditional glass lens surfacing and finishing with worldwide sourcing of glass lens blanks ensures a full-service option for all your glass needs.



Pre-Tinted Lenses​​​​​​​

Vision Dynamics pre-tinted lenses are superior to dip-tinted lenses in quality, durability, and consistency of color. Our pre-tinted lens line saves you time, simplifies workflow and improves service.

Premium Photochromics

Premium Photochromics

1.67 high index multifocals

Premium photochromics to improve profitability on materials you already run. Vision Dynamics 1.67 FT-28 and 7x28 semi-finished photochromic grey and brown lens blanks, to complete your multifocal product line.

colorMAG lenses


Sports shooting lens

With Vision Dynamics shooting lenses, the available energy to the eye is amplified in the red-orange range of the light spectrum for increased contrast between the target and the background.

amplifEYE lenses


Color burst sun lens

Through advanced spectral filtration, Vision Dynamics’ amplifEYE* color burst sun lens line selectively enhance colors for a more vibrant and saturated view of the world.

blueVIEW defense

blueVIEWTM defense

Sunglasses for your indoor world

blueVIEW defense helps block and absorb a varying level of violet and blue light across a 400-500nm spectrum and provides 100% attenuation in the UV spectrum while gradually allowing more light to pass as the waves lengthen for balanced protection.

custom colors

Custom Colors

Lens product development services

With a colorization and filter lab, our team works with lens manufacturers around the world to develop innovative products.