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Vision Dynamics Lab Press Releases

Louisville, Kentucky, February, 2024 — Vision Dynamics announces the availability of the first ever 7x28 1.67 photo grey semi-finished lens. As the newest addition to our family of proprietary photochromic lens products, it’s designed to complement traditional and digital surfacing labs. sunSMART II 7x28 1.67 completes existing multifocal product lines.

Louisville, Kentucky, August, 2023 — Vision Dynamics Laboratory, the glass lens specialist, is the largest independent glass lens processor in the United States. Our focus on high volume glass surfacing and finishing ensures our products are a cost-effective solution for labs looking to direct their resources to materials with greater demand.

Louisville, Kentucky, June, 2023 — Vision Dynamics is pleased to launch an expanded line of pretinted semi-finished single vision lens blanks to include CR-39, available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 base.

Louisville, Kentucky, February, 2023 — Vision Dynamics announces the availability 1.67 FT-28 CLEAR semi-finished as part of the sunSMART™ II 1.67 photo grey and brown FT-28 semi-finished product line. Designed to compliment traditional and digital surfacing labs, 1.67 FT-28 CLEAR easily integrates into existing 1.67 product offerings.