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For optical dispensers and retailers


Glass Lenses

The benefits are undeniable

The preferred material for anti-reflective and mirror coatings, glass is the ideal choice for both Rx and premium sunwear.

Ready-to-Edge  Digital Lens Line


Digital Lens Line

Vision Dynamic's digital lens line is available in an array of designs and materials. Processed with our proprietary equipment using our unique lens monomers,

permaTINT For a superior tinted lens 


For a superior tinted lens

Vision Dynamics' line of pre-tinted SFSV lens blanks for sport, computer, driving, and sunwear prescriptions. permaTINT lenses are superior to dip-tinted lenses in quality, durability, and consistency of color.

Premium Photochromics

Premium Photochromics

Unique high index designs

Looking for a high-index bi-focal or tri-focal? Our unique 1.67 FT-28 and 7x28 photochromics to complete your bifocal and trifocal product line.

colorMAG sports shooting lens


Sports shooting lens

With Vision Dynamics shooting lenses, the available energy to the eye is amplified in the red-orange range of the light spectrum for increased contrast between the target and the background.

amplifEYE color burst sun lenses


Its like HDR for your eyes

amplifEYE color burst sun lenses selectively enhance colors for a more vibrant and saturated view of the world. Its like HDR for your eyes!

​​​​​​​blueVIEW defense

blueVIEWTM defense

Sunglasses for your indoor world

​​​​​​​blueVIEW defense with advanced spectral filtration returns the warm comfortable glow of incandescent lights by reducing levels of harsher blue light.