We love glass

The Benefits Are Undeniable

Ever wonder why cameras, binoculars and high-tech optical instruments always use glass? Because the benefits of glass are undeniable!

Glass lenses offer unparalleled optical benefits across various applications. Renowned for their exceptional clarity, glass lenses provide sharp and distortion-free images, enhancing visual experience.

Ideal for sunwear and Rx lenses, glass has superior light transmission properties, allowing for accurate color reproduction and optimal vision correction.

Did you know glass is resistant to the effects of contact and exposure to household solvents like alcohol and acetone? Or the caustic pH of common cleaning agents such as oven cleaner? The inherent durability of glass ensures long-lasting performance, making it resistant to scratches and environmental factors.

Glass lenses are also resistant to degradation over time, maintaining their optical quality. These combined advantages make glass a great choice, ensuring a high standard of visual precision.

And Under Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, eyeglass lenses must comply with the impact resistance standard 21 CFR 801.410. Glass lenses are made compliant heat or chemical tempering. Lenses made of glass must be individually* tested further assuring the ultimate in quality control and compliance.

​​​​​​​*Polarized and leaded glass exempt