Vision Dynamics Adds CLEAR 1.67 FT-28 Semi-Finished

Louisville, Kentucky, February, 2023 — Vision Dynamics announces the availability 1.67 FT-28 CLEAR semi-finished as part of the sunSMART™ II 1.67 photo grey and brown FT-28 semi-finished product line. Designed to compliment traditional and digital surfacing labs, 1.67 FT-28 CLEAR easily integrates into existing 1.67 product offerings.

“The addition of a 1.67 FT-28 CLEAR semi-finished is the logical next step in growing our line of high index multifocals,” said Eric Lindquist, National Sales Manager.

Available in 75mm diameter, 1.00, 3.00, 5.00, and 7.00 base curves, our 1.67 (MR-7) FT-28 CLEAR semi-finished expands the available material offering.

“Adding CLEAR 1.67 FT-28 semi-finished provides a cost-effective alternative to other products on the market, and provides ease of ordering of both clear and photochromics from a single supplier,” shared Julianne West, VP Sales Operations.

sunSMART™ II grey 1.67 FT-28 provides optimal vision in all light conditions, maintains darkness at high temperatures and has long-lasting properties.

sunSMART™ II brown 1.67 FT-28 offers a fashionable alternative to traditional grey photochromics. Clear indoors with a dark caramel color outdoors, with lasting performance.

For more information or to place an order, please visit or call our Customer Care line at 888-900-5503.

Vision Dynamics Laboratory, a division of Vision Dynamics LLC, is a specialty lens lab and lens manufacturer providing unique lens solutions. With a focus on glass lens surfacing, Vision Dynamics is an authorized distributor for all major glass suppliers. Our onsite colorization and filter lab produces innovative lens products and in array of materials, custom photochromic colors, and highly saturated colors difficult to achieve with standard technologies. With processes developed and materials blended in the USA, Vision Dynamics leads the industry in creating unique lens products to simplify workflow, enhance products lines, and expand material offerings.