Vision Dynamics Introduces the First Ever 1.67 D-28 Sunglass Photo SF Lens

Louisville, Kentucky, May, 2024 — Vision Dynamics Laboratory announces the launch of ultraSUN™ II sunglass photo as the newest addition to our family of 1.67 D-28 semi-finished proprietary photochromic lens products.


 “With more than twenty-five years of photochromic development in our lens line, ultraSUN II sunglass photo sets a new standard in outdoor activation,” said John Dippold, President. “Our commitment to the field of photochromic advancement means better performing lenses for our customers,” concluded Dippold.


Many consumers want a true sunglass dark photochromic that works well in warm temperatures and has noticeable in-vehicle photochromic activation. Color consistency throughout the aging process is also important. With a superior activation color outdoors and a slight tint indoors, sunglass photo lenses offer consumers a wider choice of photochromic options. Available in grey, base curves .50. 2,4,6 and 8.


“ultraSUN II maintains a truer grey color over the activation/deactivation cycle and is exceptionally sunglass dark when activated.,” said Ralph Ortiz, Sales Manager. “With excellent high temperature performance, ultraSUN II is perfect for those with an active outdoor lifestyle,” shared Ortiz.  


“With a slight resting color indoors, ultraSUN II gives provides extra comfort when exposed to computers, LED and fluorescent lighting and has activation when driving,” said Eric Lindquist, National Sales Manager. “ultraSUN II has the added benefit of being developed and blended in the USA,” summarized Lindquist.


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